Hi, this is Prateek Sharma.

I am the founder and managing partner of Ahead VC, an early stage venture capital firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I help cross-border founders build companies for the global market.

I have been an active angel investor in the India startup ecosystem since 2016. It has been exciting to be an early backer of Groww, Devtron, Magicbell, Oslash and more.

In the past, I have been a founder. I co-founded Mygola, a travel startup, in the earliest days of the startup ecosystem in Bangalore. Mygola was acquired by Makemytrip (NASDAQ: MMYT).

I started my career as an Engineer, helping build some of the early telecom equipment that powered the internet roll-out in India. I have built products both for consumers and businesses companies.

I am an avid reader and enjoy reading sci-fi, history, science, philosophy, psychology and more. My personal goal when reading is to create an ever deeper map of how the world really works and how it can be in the future. I love music, and am always looking for new artists to listen to. I drink a lot of coffee.

The easiest way to reach me is to DM me on twitter – @prateeks. You can also find me on LinkedIn.